About Us

Every morning here at Victrola Coffee Roasters, we gather in our roasting room to cup, or taste, the coffees from the previous day’s roast. If sniffing, slurping and discussing our coffees before we’re completely awake suggests that we know our coffees intimately, having a conversation with one of us about an origin, a farm, or a bean will remove all doubt. We began roasting our own coffee in the tiny back room of our café in 2003 because we wanted to have a direct hand in the quality of our coffees before they made their way into the espresso hopper or the french press. Armed with passion and a desire to learn that continues to influence everything we do, we committed ourselves to the task of sourcing, roasting and preparing the finest coffees available.

Not surprisingly, our preoccupation with quality has directed the choices we have made in the world of coffee. it has led us to the doorsteps of small farms, operated by families who care about coffee in the way that we do. It has fostered the relationships that we have with the wholesale customers who serve our coffee in their restaurants and cafes. It has encouraged us to spend the lion’s share of our time educating others about why we care and have so much respect for our beans. We think you can taste the hard work of what makes us different in your double americano. And if you want to know more, lots more, about that double americano, show up at a Wednesday morning public cupping. We’ll make the connection between you and coffee an intimate one in no time.


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