Victrola Holiday Blend

holidayblend2012newWilliam and Kate are pregnant, the $7 cup of coffee is mainstream, Huskies men’s basketball scores a win last night & Victrola has released our Holiday Blend – the news is full of wonderful things! We are proud to offer our annual Holiday Roast. More info from the roastery below:
Blend Components: Guatemala Ixil de Avelina (Fair Trade Organic), Ethiopia
Limu natural process, Sumatra Mandheling.

Roaster’s Notes
Happy Holidays!  Once again, it is the time of year when we release our
Holiday Blend to help you keep warm, awake, and your friends and family
happy.  Our goal with the Holiday Blend’s taste profile is similar every
year: delicious, sweet, heavy-bodied and roasted just slightly darker than
Victrola’s typical style, while not venturing into dark roast territory.
The recipe changes a bit each year according to what is available to us.
Our goal remains the same: to assemble a wintery blend that fits our taste
profile perfectly.

This year, as in the past, we’ve composed Victrola’s Holiday Blend of
three coffees from three continents.  For its rich middle range and
balanced acidity we started with a Guatemalan coffee from the Fair Trade
certified Ixil de Avelina Cooperative as the foundation.  This is an
extraordinarily high grown (6800ft!) Guatemalan coffee from the Ixcan
region in the Quiche district.  Using organic farming methods under shade
trees, over 124 families contributed their harvest to produce this coffee.
To add a sweet fruit note we added a naturally processed Ethiopian coffee
from Limu.  Finally to fill out the bottom end and add body, we blended in
a high quality Sumatra Mandheling.

We hope you and those you share the holidays with enjoy this special
annual blend.  Get it while you can in the cafes or online as the Holiday Blend is only available through the
New Year!

~$16.50/ lb online or $12.50/ 12 oz at Victrola cafes