Meet The Producers- This Saturday

At Victrola, we love to support and promote initiatives that further sustainable economic and environmental practices in the production of great, high quality coffee. This is why we are so excited to share a morning with one of the founders of the Suan Lahu Project.

The project is a partnership between two Lahu brothers, Jakhadte and Lao Er who oversee all aspects of the farms operations and two enthusiastic Westerners, Elizabeth and Carina, who work to promote and develop the farms customer base and promote eco-tourism. Suan Lahu was founded in order to: help implement organic farming alternatives to an area that is heavily dependent on agro-chemicals, to support Lahu cultural preservation, to provide a livelihood and educational opportunity to local people, and to produce high quality Arabica coffee. Learn more about this unique initiative, join us as we sample this community’s coffee (including Kopi Luak), ask questions of the producer, and view

When: Saturday, June 19, 2010, 10-1PM Presentation at 11 AM
Where: The Roastery on Pike (310 E. Pike)

We hope that you will join us!