Nez du Cafe


nez1.jpg nez2.jpg
After months of waiting, we finally recieved our Nez du Cafe from the SCAA. This sensory training kit is based on the Nez du Vin developed by wine expert Jean Lenoir to help wine tasters learn to recognize & identify some of the different aromas in wines. The Nez du Cafe is comprised of 36 aroma vials with a booklet and flash cards to explain each aroma. The idea is to build up your “scent memory” in order to better understand and identify the many different & complex aromas present in coffee.
As Chris and I picked random vials and sniffed them, some scents were immediately familiar and identifiable and others were completely new to us. As we had other work to do we kept saying “lets just try one more, then we will put it away” but it was so fun we just couldn’t stop going though the entire 36!
I may not have mentioned this before but I have to say, we have a really cool job….