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Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi CLOUD

Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi CLOUD

New Coffee Release from Victrola – Click for more info!




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Burundi Mpanga – Imported by Yours Truly – coming soon




We write our own history. Victrola has always worked hard to be able to stand behind a coffee menu that is diverse, flavorful, unique and honors the farmers, producers and planet that gave us the product. Sometimes the story of a coffee highlights the men and women who harvest and mill the coffee at origin. Other times we roast a coffee that preserves the land around it as it grows and flourishes in fields that provide home to native birds and critters. This month Victrola wrote another page in our history book by importing an award-winning micro lot directly from the co-op at the mill in Burundi, Africa instead of going through a middle-man. Someday if you catch us post-production at the Pine Box on Capitol Hill, we’ll share the whole story of customs snags and long distance negotiations over a beer. But for now, you’ll just have to trust us that  it was a long road to be able to share these photos with you and we’re so proud of the coffee inside this burlap. It is amazing and will be available in the coming weeks. Keep it tuned in to FB, Twitter, IG to read more chapters in this Burundi Story. We can not wait to dial in the roast profile & invite you all to be part of the history Victrola is writing every day!




sample roasting for first cupping:



Bravely Blind-Cupping the Burundi Mpanga against some other Burundi samples in the Roastery.

Luckily, we all liked the one we just imported from 9,000 miles away. Whew!



You like me! You really really like me!!

Coffee Review found our pulped natural heirloom Bourbon varietal coffee from Brasil Monte Verde Estate “particularly impressive”. They say that “everyone should enjoy (its) deep, complex aromatics” and awarded it a score of 92. We are proud to be able to bring such wonderful roasts to you all – thank you for your continued support & great feedback throughout the years!

You can taste the Brasil and all Victrola’s coffee offerings at our weekly coffee cuppings every Wednesday at 11 am at the roastery & cafe at 310 E Pike St in Seattle.


New Single Origin Coffees from Ethiopia and Mexico

Drying Tables in Ethiopia Kochere


We have some very special coffees to offer you this month – an heirloom varietal from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and a natural coffee from Mexico. Read more here: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe & Mexico Nayarit

available in-store and online


Buy $25 or more & we’ll ship to your door! Limited Time


Hello Victrola Superfans! We’re celebrating so many wonderful things this month – the Seattle Seahawks won the championship, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis swept the Grammy’s, US Wins Gold Medals and it’s Valentine’s Day! To honor all the special-ness of this February, let’s start up our favorite Shipping Promo again from Feb 10-13. Get a bag of single origin beans & a mug and have it shipped to your favorite Seahawks fan, Thrift Shopper or loved one and if you spend $25 or more, we’ll ship it free for three glorious days.
Thanks for your continued support – we love you dearly.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Exciting Update - I just got the go-ahead to do this sweet Shipping Promo a bunch of times this year. You’ll have to follow us on TwitterFacebook,Instagram to find out when it’s back on throughout 2014. Thanks everyone!

GO HAWKS! #roastthebroncos



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